$199 - Advanced Sales Upgrade Pack

Add the Instasite 2.0 Strategy program for just $99 (goes for $149 when purchased on its own). This is a complete, 12-month social media strategy designed to land you more clients, not just followers. Templates, video tutorials and a 90-day content calendar are included.

New! Advanced Sales Upgrade Pack

A variety of social and digital assets to help you launch, sell more online, secure brand deals and position yourself as a thought leader.

Please note, we've curated these assets for the business owner who;

  • Has successfully sold products and services online but has hit a plateau 
  • Wants to sell beyond  launches and convert every day on their socials
  • Looking for non-cringy sales content
  • Looking to level up and ready to secure speaking engagements, podcast guest slots and media features
  • Wants to explore brand collaborations

Here's a summary of assets inside the Advanced Sales Upgrade Pack;

  • Sales & Landing page visual mockup with copy example
  • Customizable Digital Speaker Portfolio (a website with all your deets)
  • Pitch Copy to help you land speaking gigs, podcast spots, brand deals and media publications
  • Advanced LinkedIn Banners with sales CTA
  • Advanced YouTube Descriptions for conversions
  • CTA Example Guide
  • Hooks & Headlines Guide with examples
  • From the Instasite: Setting up your link in bio 
  • Options for 1:1 and customized support

Most folks pair this with The Instasite 2.0 Strategy Program (see checkout for details)



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